Welcome to GWT-OpenLayers 0.6

!!! With release 0.6 the GWT-OpenLayers main repo has been moved to Bitbucket for better mercurial workflow support. See:
https://bitbucket.org/gwtopenlayers/gwt-openlayers !!!

GWT-OpenLayers is a Java wrapper for the OpenLayers JavaScript API. It allows GWT projects to use the OpenLayers JavaScript API.

A Special Message

GWT-OpenLayers takes full advantage of the amazing OpenLayers JavaScript API. On behalf of GWT Developers... Thank You for producing such an amazing piece of software that we Java developers wrap and use in our native language.

Visit http://openlayers.org.

Where can I get it?

Maven Developers

Since 0.5, GWT-Openlayers has been a Maven project and is released to central (via sonatype). Use the following dependency:


How do I use it?

Please take a look at the user reference.